Quench your thirst while enjoying the pleasant and unique flavor of Aur'a Spring Water, plain or sparkling.  

Coming out of the pristine rocky crest of the Transylvanian mountains in Romania, the water is bottled less than 150 feet from where the spring gushes forward. 

Isolated from any industrialized, urbanized or tourist area, the spring offers its waters with an alkaline pH value of approximately 8.25, with colloidal traces of silver and gold.  To maintain its integrity, the water is bottled in glass, with no sodium, minerals, or other organic materials added so you can enjoy it in its unchanged ancestral form.

Allow the ancient and pure Aur'a water to cleanse your palate and enhance the flavor of your favorite dish or libations.


Award Winning Taste

International Taste Quality Institute: Brussels 2016 and 2017